L-3 ForceX

Our Mission is to create the most technically advanced customized software solutions that meet the operational needs of our customers

Force-X Tech

What We Do


Independently develop situational awareness software tools, libraries, engines, and capabilities that allow for rapid development and exceed capabilities for our current and future customers.


  • Provide operationally driven software solutions to integration problems and capabilities shortfalls to our customers
  • Provide fully integrated training solutions with our software products to set our customers up for success in fielding and implementing capabilities
  • Provide systems engineering knowledge and team support to ensure that all aspects of an integration effort to solve a problem are solved and successful

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Mission Management Software
  • Sensor Integration
  • Radio Integration
  • Advance Data Links
  • Avionics
  • Inertial Measurement Devices
  • Advance Navigation

AC-130’s Mission Management

  • 30mm Weapon
  • 10 Small Precision Munitions
  • Small Diameter Bomb
  • Hellfire
  • Advance Radar
  • Navigation and communications systems
  • Helmet Mounted Cueing System

Intelligence Programs

  • Advanced hardware and video algorithms
  • Latest in sensor technology
  • Wide Format
  • Hyper Spectral
  • Global networks
  • Developing backbone subsystems of our nations intelligence architecture


  • Courseware, materials, and turn-key solutions for classroom training
  • Scalable ISR software packages with options for preconfigured kits