L-3 ForceX

Our Mission is to create the most technically advanced customized software solutions that meet the operational needs of our customers

Force-X Tech

Ground Surveillance


L3 ForceX has integrated numerous hardware devices and developed customized tools for ground based video surveillance, technical surveillance elements, and target tracking and locating. L3 ForceX has integrated different vendors tracking devices and capabilities into simple and holistic solutions to enable customers to do multi-tracking and viewing regardless of the vendor. L3 ForceX ground based solutions have always been designed to scale from overt to clandestine deployed environments.


 Previous Integrations

  • Covert Tracking Devices from several leading advanced technology providers
  • Datalinks to include cellular based modems, IP mesh networks and other Type I Encrypted systems
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness tool to include live telestration, range and bearing tools, alarm and trip wire functions, etc. All focused on data fusion to single and multi-station operations
  • Mission Planning to include support of FalconView®, Joint Mission Planning System and other mission planning products. Additional support for various intelligence tracking and planning tools from several of the leading Geographical Information Systems and tools providers
  • Navigation systems from leading GPS technology companies

Example UX

Customized User Interfaces

      • Lantern
      • RATT
      • VIPER