L-3 ForceX

Our Mission is to create the most technically advanced customized software solutions that meet the operational needs of our customers

Force-X Tech

Intelligence Exploitation


L3 ForceX is on the leading edge of the Distributed Common Ground Station capabilities, providing the first ever near-real time global exploitation of Wide Area Airborne Sensor / Wide Area Mapping Imagery data. L3 ForceX capabilities are focused on bringing operational tools using lessons learned from airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance to enable intelligence specialists to use their data in relevant, timely, and useful way to support current operations.



Previous Integrations

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness tool to include live telestration, range and bearing tools, alarm and trip wire functions, etc. All focused on data fusion to single and multi-station operations
  • Recording and Playback systems to include video editing and manipulation
  • Web Services
  • Wide Area Mapping Imagery

Example UX

Example User Interfaces

  • Sentinel
  • SAS-SE