L-3 ForceX

Our Mission is to create the most technically advanced customized software solutions that meet the operational needs of our customers

Force-X Tech

Who We Are

L3 ForceX is a rapidly growing Department of Defense contractor in the Nashville-area.  We provide navigation, surveillance, tracking, command & control and situational awareness solutions to our customers in the security and defense industries.  They seek us because we offer unparalleled quality and performance in our highly customized mapping and video solutions.

Since 2004, the Company has grown from 3 employees to over 120 and we are filling between 20 to 30 additional positions this year.  Our growth does not stop here.  There are forthcoming uses of our software that will continue to support our mission to ensure that the basic freedoms we all enjoy are never threatened.

L3 ForceX values:  Ethical Conduct, Working in Collaboration, Looking Over the Horizon, Delivering Confidence and Inspiring Excellence.  Joining our team provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate with dedicated, expert teams during an exciting time of growth.


L3 ForceX’s customer base includes the US Air Force, US Special Operations Command, the Naval Surface Warfare Center and a variety of DoD agencies. L3 ForceX expects the company to increase the growth potential in its ISS sector.


L3 ForceX
2208 Charlotte Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203
(629) 888-4200